Friday, 30 November 2018

DVD Crowdfunding

Let's start another round of crowdfunding.
Last times we were able to get RAWs for some interesting titles. And some of them already picked up to work.
This time I would like to try to buy some official DVD releases for two doramas.
Both were released on DVD quite some time ago, but dvdrips never appeared in the net.
Correct me if I'm wrong, and if someone RAW have these two please share.
For both of them exists English hardsubbed versions.

Love and Eros $190
  • Title: ラブとエロス
  • Title (romaji): Love to Eros
  • Also known as: Love and Eros
  • Genre: Romance
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 12
  • Viewership ratings: 9.4%
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 1998-Jul-02 to 1998-Sep-17

Chiroru no Banka Funded!

Succesful fundings:
Tengoku e no Kaidan / Stairway to Heaven Funded!
RAWs are here

Prices based on minimal prices on Japanese auctions plus shipping cost to my country.
People who follows my releases not only on D-Addicts but on ADC too know that I bought dozens of Japanese DVDs already. It's not difficult from overseas.
I plan to work on Tengoku e no Kaidan myself.
I would be very grateful for any support.
Not only financial. I always look for new transcribers.

Monday, 28 August 2017


I think I don't need to introduce my transcribing project.
For almost six years dozens of old (and not so) doramas were remastered.
I never asked any financial support. But right now you have a chance to support this project.
Last year some doramas were recorded from Video on Demand site. I paid for one.
Couple of other member sponsored few others. But last time it were only TBS's doramas. And we can only get the ones available on youtube.
Now there's a possibility to record doramas from Japanese Amazon. So now much more upgrades possible. Even in HD.

I paid for the first episodes for following doramas. But it would be too much for me alone.
There're hardsubbed versions for all these doramas, so it's possible to make softsubs for them.

Ai wa Doda Funded!
Whole show -

Egao no Hosoku Funded!
Whole show -

Hanamura Daisuke Funded!
Whole show -

Kinyoubi no Koibitotachi e Funded!
Whole show -

Successful Fundings:
Kougen e Irasshai Funded!
Whole show -

Otona no Otoko Funded! 
Whole show -

Risou no Joushi Funded! 
Whole show -

Yonigeya Honpo Funded! 
Whole show -

Atarashii Kaze Funded! 
Whole show -

And one important thing in the end.
Before sending me any money, I want you understand one thing.
This is a donation. For only purpose - obtaining RAWs for doramas from the list.
You're not buying anything from me. Not paying me for my work.
The only thing I can promise: When/If necessary amount for dorama from the list will be reached, it will be recorded, shared and added to the project.
Of course the main purpose of transcribing project is to allow everyone to enjoy old doramas in best quality.
But I can't do everything alone. And I can't guarantee any of these doramas will be immediately picked up.
So I'm looking not only financial support. Help with the transcribing would be very welcomed.